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To be part of HUBventory, we are an active member of the Boutique Hub, one of the largest communities of brands and boutiques in the United States and other countries around the world.

  • Boutique Owner Basics

    Grow your boutique today!

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  • Retail Bootcamp

    With lifetime access to Bootcamp, joining means participating in live group coaching for 12+ weeks, twice per year. Plus access to digital lessons, downloads and 50+ guest experts to meet you exactly where you are.

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  • Holiday Marketing Masterclass

    Join Ashley Alderson, Boutique Marketing Expert and Founder of The Boutique Hub to walk through 6 Key Areas to maximize this holiday season.

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  • Instagram Ignite Masterclass

    Everything a retailer needs to know to start, grow and profit on Instagram.

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  • Marketing Handbook

    This marketing bundle will inspire your creative team, streamline your marketing plan and increase your returns. 

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  • Monthly Membership

    Take control of your boutique. Today is the first day of a more successful, more streamlined, and more strategic boutique.

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